My horse Maximilian and me!

Maximilian in the snow!

My name is Eveline. I am living in Austria.

My love of horses started at the age of 10, with films like Black Beauty and westerns. But I hadn't the possibility to take expensive riding-lessons. I started riding when I was 20. When I was 23 I got myself a nice stallion (3 years old  - and now a gelding). Maximilian (born June 1998) he grew up in Russia (Ukraine). Maximilian came to Hungary at the age of 1 1/2. He was a naughty mustang, the Hungarian man told me. At the ago of 3 1/2 he passed the frontier of Austria. From this time we worked together. My knowledge about riding has become better in the last years, but riding is an art, which you never stop learning.

But my horse has much patience with me.

We have done many things together:

The reason I started riding side-saddle is because of a friend called Mr. Obst Manfred W.. He bought the side-saddle to me and then saw it again after one year, because I have my own one now. This was in the year of 1997.

But riding side-saddle alone is very boring. I searched for people with the same interest. In Austria no association exists, there is really nothing for these special riding techniques.

I had the idea to make popular these different riding techniques and eventually found Mrs. Ruthanne H. and some other ladies who had similar interests and a little club was born. In 1997 the club was launched and soon afterwards I left for personal reasons, but many of my riding friends and myself still take part in presentations. I however continue alone with the constant training of Maxi.

Through my connections I meet many interesting and nice people, like Mr. Roger Philpot, Mrs. Dorothee Faltejsek and Mr. Egon von Neindorf. I have also many interesting e-mails and correspondence from all around the world. I hope also in the future to stay in contact with all my friends and I am glad to hear news from the world of side-saddle riding.

Perhaps I can provide the reader's of my homepage with news or information and also tips.

I wish you much fun with my homepage.



PS: My horse is in retirement and enjoys his life with his friends on a very nice place near the lake Neusiedl since 2002.

PS2: Maximilian died on 25th October 2013 between his friends.